Nexsan EDGE 1U NAS, w/iSCSI, (1) 4GB Fibre connection - detail

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Nexsan EDGE 1U NAS, w/iSCSI, (1) 4GB Fibre connection
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Popis produktu
Better SMB NAS
Greater capacity and improved density - up to 84TB

More robust reliability with Nexsan enterprise class RAID storage  

FC connected RAID storage for higher performance

Green benefits with Nexsan's energy saving AutoMAID technology

Consolidates file and block into a single solution with CIFS, NFS and iSCSI

The Edge is designed for businesses that need to consolidate and centralize all their data and storage needs onto a single centralized solution.

The Edge includes fully integrated, Fibre Channel connecting enterprise class Nexsan SAS and/or SATA RAID storage systems. With Nexsan storage, The Edge offers significant advantages over other commodity NAS products. RAID operations are separate and off-loaded from The Edge NAS server maximizing NAS server CPU and memory performance.

The Edge is based on Microsoft WUDSS. Microsoft WUDSS is a dedicated file and storage server technology designed for dependability, seamless integration and delivers the best value in networked storage. WUDSS integrates with existing infrastructures and supports heterogeneous file serving as well as backup of stored data. Its web-based user interface makes management easy and enterprises can make full use of commonly used network environments and standard management software. Nexsan Edge Management GUI – NEM, provides a single interface to WUDSS services and Nexsan storage.

The Edge includes a complete set of data integrity and protection features. Battery backed RAID cache and multiple RAID levels, including hardware RAID 6, ensure data integrity during power outage or double drive failure. Built-in Microsoft snapshots provide data protection of both file and block storage. Microsoft DFS replication protects site data by replicating files to another location.

Energy Saving NAS
The Edge offers the energy saving benefits of Nexsan's revolutionary AutoMAID™ technology. AutoMAID™ (Massive Array of Idle Disks) allows The Edge SASBoy, SATABoy and SATABeast storage units to place its disk drives into several levels energy savings without compromising application performance. This powerful energy saving capability enables users to lower the cost of owning NAS storage.
Click here to hear Nexsan CTO Gary Watson discuss energy efficient storage

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