Infortrend (ES F16F-S4840) 3U 16-bay 2x 8G FC ports 16x HDD 4G FC Single RAID 2GB cache - detail

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Stránka výrobcehttp://www.infortrend.com/uk/products/models/ES%20F16F-S4840
Infortrend (ES F16F-S4840) 3U 16-bay 2x 8G FC ports 16x HDD 4G FC Single RAID 2GB cache
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Fibre-Fibre RAID subsystem, 3U 16-bay rack mount with single controller. Host connectivity: 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel. Drive connectivity: 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel. Use F16F-J4000-R when adding additional Fibre Channel drives and use A16F-J2430 when adding SATA-II drives into configuration. F16F-S4840 can be upgraded to F16F-R4840.
Rack mount kit (36") included and integrated in the subsystem carton.

Two 8Gb/s Fibre Channel host ports per controller Best-of-class throughput and IOPS, ideal fit for IO-intensive and bandwidth-demanding applications
Backward compatible with 4G or 2G speeds, protecting current infrastructure investment

6th generation, ASIC667 architecture Boost up to 80% better performance than ASIC 400 models
Advanced fault tolerance, ensuring data integrity even in multiple drive failure events

Maximum expansion of 6 JBODs via multi-lane SAS links, up to 112 HDDs in total "Pay-as-you-grow" scalability; no waste on what you don’t need, and no worries about what you will need
Flexible adoption of FC or SATA-II disk drives in expansion enclosures Allow data of different values to be stored in different storage tiers, enabling the best ROI
Green designs:

80 PLUS-certified power supplies
Intelligent multi-level drive spin-down technology
Power supplies delivering more than 85% of energy conversion efficiency
In spin-down state, drives can save up to 60% of energy consumption

CacheSafe technology Backup battery automatically supplies power to write cached data into flash module for permanent protection during power outage
Fault-tolerant hardware modules Redundant controllers, PSUs, fans; high-availability hardware design, preventing "Single-Point-of-Failure"
Powerful management suite, SANWatch, support, including multi-pathing functions Easy management and monitoring of your subsystems anywhere, locally or remotely
Recognize and manage redundant paths; support path failover and load-balancing

Multiple monitoring methods Real-time problem detection and notification to achieve continuous operation
Intelligent firmware functions Protect against hardware failure; ensure data integrity and optimized performance
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