AccuVault 1U, 4TB, rackmount, data protection appliance - detail

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Stránka výrobcehttp://www.tandbergdata.com/us/index.cfm/products/tandberg-data-disk-based-data-protection-solutions-dps1000-dps2000/accuvault-series/dps3120/
Popis produktu
Kit includes: AccuGuard Enterprise Edition (paper license), rack mount rails, power cable, Ethernet cable and Quick Start Guide, (AccuGuard software supplied with 1yr free technical support and software maintenance).

AccuVault 1U, 4TB, rackmount, data protection appliance with integrated AccuGuard Enterprise Software, includes 5x server/workstation clients-upgradeable to 20x.
(AccuGuard software supplied with 1yr free technical support and software maintenance).

AccuVault 1U 4TB

Product Overview
Tandberg Data’s AccuVault 1U  4TB  is a centralized, network-attached, data protection rackmount appliance that delivers groundbreaking affordability and ease of use to Windows-based SMB, SME, and ROBO environments. AccuVault comes preconfigured with Tandberg Data’s AccuGuard Enterprise data protection and deduplication software.  AccuVault 1U 4TB is designed to  protect 5-20 servers and/or workstations.

Powerful Centralized Backup
Centrally administer your data protection for consistency, reliability, and ease of management

Complete Disaster Recovery Solution
Includes everything needed to create an efficient, reliable, and complete data protection process for your data

Optional 1U RDX for offsite data protection and archiving

Easy to Setup and Use
Start protecting your data fast, no special knowledge required

Global, Source-Based, Sub-File Deduplication
Reduces storage and bandwidth requirements by eliminating redundancy inside and across files and clients before moving over the LAN

High-availability Features
RAID-5, hot-swap drives, redundant power, dual GbE, 1U form factor , 4TB of capacity

1. Tandberg Data recommends that no more than one client baseline backup (initial first run) be performed on any AccuVault model at one time.
2. The baseline backup establishes the deduplication process and requires more processing time and resources than subsequent backup.
3. Tandberg Data recommends that AccuVault data protection appliances be used in conjunction with a domain controller. Workgroup environments are not recommended
                                         for any AccuVault product.
4. Additional online storage capacity for AccuVault products can be achieved by attaching and targeting a DPS2000 (4360-DPS, 4340-DPS, 4342-DPS) within the same network.
5. Release of Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) for AccuVault is planned for early Q1, 2011 and will be made available via online code update.

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